Chuck’s Inspiration to Start this Journey

Here we go again. Starting a diet is always the hardest part. Well getting it in my head that I need to start is the hardest part. I have been on diets for most of my adult life and judging by the size of my waist they have not worked lol. This time will be different. Well, hopefully this time will be different. We have been successful before and will be successful again. This blog will be just another way to keep us honest and on track. After seeing my wedding photos I was really too embarrassed to want to post any of them.

At the Lakes
At the Lakes

I have gotten so big I have no self-esteem. It’s time to make a change. I know it won’t be easy, believe me I have been there before. We will make mistakes, fall off of the wagon. I am not expecting us to be perfect in this journey. However a change needs to be made so I can feel better. We are in this for the long haul, and with the size I am now it will be quite a haul.



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