A Little Diet Humor



If at First You Don’t Succeed, Just Sit and Enjoy the View.

Other than exercising portion control and smarter food choices, we are exercising our bodies. Yesterday Chuck and I decided to take a walk around the LSU Lakes with our friend Michael. We knew that we needed to start out slow, so we decided to walk the short path, but halfway through I knew I wouldn’t be able to even complete that. I asked Chuck and Michael to finish the walk, get the car and come back to pick me up. I’d sit and enjoy the beautiful sites the lake had to offer; the ducks playing, the turtles resting in the sun on their logs and all the hot, healthy people that were running past me as I sat under the shade tree. I was pissed, embarrassed and in pain, but I’m not giving up. I will now spend some time on the treadmill, until I feel secure enough to give the lakes another try, the important thing is not giving up.

Dale's aborted walk on the left, Chuck's competed path on the right. Way to go Chuck.
Dale’s aborted walk on the left, Chuck’s competed path on the right. Way to go Chuck.

Chuck’s Inspiration to Start this Journey

Here we go again. Starting a diet is always the hardest part. Well getting it in my head that I need to start is the hardest part. I have been on diets for most of my adult life and judging by the size of my waist they have not worked lol. This time will be different. Well, hopefully this time will be different. We have been successful before and will be successful again. This blog will be just another way to keep us honest and on track. After seeing my wedding photos I was really too embarrassed to want to post any of them.

At the Lakes
At the Lakes

I have gotten so big I have no self-esteem. It’s time to make a change. I know it won’t be easy, believe me I have been there before. We will make mistakes, fall off of the wagon. I am not expecting us to be perfect in this journey. However a change needs to be made so I can feel better. We are in this for the long haul, and with the size I am now it will be quite a haul.


Dale’s Inspiration to Start this Journey

It’s that time again, the time that I start another diet, the time I swear I’ll start using the gym membership that I pay for every month and the time I look into the mirror as my eyes water and I say “OMG, I’ve never weighted this much in my life” (301.4).
Excuse the bad pic, the shock of the number knocked me off the scale.
Excuse the bad pic, the shock of my weight knocked me off the scale.

The fact is I’m not getting any younger (hello 41) and the weight that I have put on over the last few years, plus all the pounds I gained after quitting smoking are starting to affect everything from breathing to moving. So here’s to making a few healthy lifestyle changes that I hope to stick with for the rest of my life. Dale

Our Journey to Get Healthy

This blog is a place for Chuck and myself (Dale) to share our journey of becoming healthy and living better lives. This will hopefully keep us accountable and motivated along the way. We look forward to sharing what we learn along the way and appreciate any feedback or tips. Thanks for following us and we hope to motivate you to get healthier too.

On the Mississippi River
On the Mississippi River